Historical Augmented Reality Sticker - City Hall

A Brief History

By 1869, after a severe earthquake and with a constant influx of people, anyone with a stake in the future of San Francisco wanted to build a spectacular metropolis. So of course they needed a grand city hall. The new city hall was designed as a complex of buildings to be built on a triangular park, the former site of an old cemetery. The state appropriated the land and auctioned off portions of the property--the scheme was to raise a million and a half dollars for construction costs, and get it built in three years.

Construction began in 1870, was finished 27 years later, in 1897, and cost six million dollars. Just nine years later it was all but destroyed by the earthquake and fire of 1906. City Hall nowadays is used for various aspects such as marriages and much more and effects not just its surrounding community but San Francisco as a whole.

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Google Maps

This google map that was created helps give directions from both Powell Bart Station and Civic Center Bart Station to City Hall and the overall Civic Center neighborhood. It shows the quickest way to get there whether it be by car, bicycle or walking.

Here is the link for directions:


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Gallery ImagesĀ 


These pictures were taken during my trip to City Hall a couple weeks ago. These depict the area surrounding City Hall and as you can see it looks like a calm neighborhood. But, can also be seen with a business aspect.

To view the rest of the pictures taken take a look at my Flickr page:




Quick Images Video


A quick video on the pictures I took during my trip to City Hall. Not only of the building but the streets and outdoor area.

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