4 Seasons

During the third week of the semester we were learning how to use css and html to create websites. We were then to go on our own to create our own website known as the “Four Seasons”. It was to include four different pages, one for each season of the year from fall, spring, winter, and summer. Each page was to have its own background, own image pertaining to the season and include a video clip on at least on of the pages.

In order to be able to do this I was able to use css/html code to put together the sites. I had to also register on laughing squid in order to perform FTP known as file transfer protocol and it is the process used to upload and download files from a web server. I was bale to do this with a program known as FileZilla. All i did was put together the website/wordpress into a single folder and transfer all that into FileZilla and use my login and password that I had on LaughingSquid and it was all set to go!

Really nice to learn a way to create a site/wordpress that I can of course be able to use later on!

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